Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items

smart ways to repurpose

Most environmentally conscious people keep the basics of living green in mind; refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and rot. Being aware of these things while choosing your home products goes a long way in reducing your carbon footprint on our environment. These principles can be applied to almost all items in your home, but finding a way is a bit tricky at times. Here are some ideas for repurposing everyday household items you probably haven’t thought.

Butter Wrappers

Keep butter wrappers and store them in a container or Ziploc bag. Instead of using cooking spray, pull one wrapper out to grease your cookie sheets and pans.


Our landfills have been receiving around 2 billion disposable razors every year, according to the EPA. We can do our part in cutting down on this by increasing the shelf life of razors. After every use of a razor, give it a quick blast with your hairdryer. Drying a razor prevents rusting and extends its sharpness, giving you twice as many shaves from each blade. When your razor passes its prime, use it to shave pills from your sweaters.

Tissue Boxes

There are many ways to reuse a tissue box. You can prevent used tissues from scattering around your house and sharing germs by tying an empty tissue box to the new one with a string or a piece of twine. It will serve as a handy place to dispose of used tissues as they are used. Tissue boxes can make excellent storage containers too. Just cut the top off at the corners, wrap it in scrapbooking paper and decorate with string or ribbon to make attractive containers for seasoning packets, recipes, office supplies, and much more.

Vegetable Bags

Vegetable bags can make excellent nesting materials for birds. Stuff those nylon mesh vegetable bags with cloth, such as wool and cotton, natural fibers. Hang from a tree to supply birds with beautiful nesting materials. You may also include more items, such as feathers, animal hair, and string.

Shower Curtains

Old shower curtain still has a lot of use, like reusing them as drop cloths while painting or as table coverings for picnic tables. During winter, don’t scrap your windows. Cut the curtain down to size and place it on the windshield overnight. Peel it off in the morning to get an instant clear windshield.


Our country’s landfills have an estimated 13 million tons of clothing. A staggering amount of donated clothing items ended up there as well. You can repurpose old t-shirts in so many ways. Cut the fabric into squares of the same size as baby wipes to make reusable dryer sheets and cleaning wipes. You may also make reusable shopping bags out of your old t-shirts. Cut the sleeves and neck out of the shirt, cut stripes along the bottom hem and tie together.

Sock Singles

It’s not uncommon in every household wherein the other piece of the pair of socks is nowhere to be found. You may be tempted to throw the loner away, but don’t do it as there are many uses for it around the house. You can use socks as rags that can fit over your hand to clean your floors, toilets, ceiling fan blades, blinds, and more. Stocks are also useful for storing pieces for games and other small items that are easy to lose.

Using single-use products should be avoided, but sometimes they may be necessary. Repurposing these products can dramatically cut down on your contribution to our country’s landfills. Stretch the life of single-use products to their limits and get as much out of them. Most disposable items can be utilized multiple times if properly cared. Look for creative ways to repurpose items for decorating, gifting, and storage.